Our Profile

Avenues International school is an institution that stands up to the highest standards of school education. We follow a comprehensive curriculum for all-round growth and development of a child’s personality. We believe in nurturing in our student’s attitudes and outlook that are necessarily contemporary and global. At the same time, we also place great value on the significance and relevance of Indian cultural heritage to our educational environment and it is our mission to make all possible efforts to keep our children firmly entrenched into their roots through the medium of co-curricular activities.

The school is housed in a spacious building, equipped with latest state of the art amenities and facilities. The infrastructure comprises air-conditioned class rooms, spacious corridors, well stocked library, Computer Lab for Junior and senior students, an audio visual activity room, music hall, art room, adequately equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social laboratories, outdoor & indoor facility for playing games and sports.

“Building Success
Ensuring Success”


The mission of Avenues E.M Schools is to foster in our students a lifelong commitment to intellectual exploration, individual growth, and social responsibility by inspiring and supporting them to strive for academic and personal excellence and turn them into global Citizens.


A strong foundation we believe is instrumental in helping the student realize higher dreams for the future. By providing this foundation, we support our students in their quest for the Holy Grail of academic success and accomplishment.

Our Education Philosophy

We invest complete faith in the concept of learning by doing. We endeavour to inculcate in our children qualities of initiative, exploration and assimilation to encourage them towards lateral thinking. We recognize children’s inherent potential and have created an educational environment within the school that gives free rein to their questing spirit and facilities their entry into the realms of knowledge, perception and understanding.

We believe in a holistic approach towards education that takes into its ambit all the significant components of a child’s growth and development-physical, cognitive, social, moral, aesthetic and spiritual.